Winterwell and Good-Loop

Winterwell is proud to have helped launch Good-Loop

Having worked in ad-tech for many years, we were aware of the problems and poor practices, but also of the potential for something better. In 2016, Winterwell started exploring ethical adtech, and Daniel Winterstein met with Amy Williams. We shared the same vision for turning advertising into a force for good, and a new company was launched: Good-Loop. Winterwell provided some of the early funding, plus a ready-made team of expert developers.

The Winterwell team has now transferred to Good-Loop. Winterwell today largely functions as a support company for Good-Loop, providing a nominee holding service, and a visa management service. These services are provided for free, as the return will be from the equity investment.

Good-Loop - ads for good

Winterwell as a Nominee

If you invested in Good-Loop's 2019 funding round, then you may have Good-Loop shares held via Winterwell. Winterwell charges no fees to investors.

If you wish to invest in Good-Loop's 2021 funding round, then you can choose to use either Winterwell or Seedrs as a nominee. Please contact Good-Loop directly for information.

Shareholder enquiries: Just email or .