New Media and Web

Media, New Media and the ongoing Internet revolution

Winterwell have a deep knowledge of technology that allows us to offer more than just me-too websites. We can work with you to optimise the return from existing web content or to deliver new products.

Web 2.0, blogs, social-networking, software-as-service, RSS feeds, snackable infotainment, mobile web, the You-Tube generation... The way people consume information and media-content is changing, and many companies are finding it hard to keep up. There are new challenges - and new markets and opportunities.

Web-development, information architecture, and traffic analysis are amongst our core areas of expertise. We are proud to produce dynamic, accessible, standards-compliant web sites. We have designed, implemented and managed websites for: Micromuse (a £1 billion software company), TriStart, RPG Traders, the University of Edinburgh, Discopia, Edinburgh Robotics, and of course Winterwell Associates.

A meme-cloud of the new concepts now shaping the internet, cc Markus Angermeier, c.f. Wikipedia

Specialist services

  • Social Media, including our exciting new Social Media Dashboard for efficient use of Twitter.
  • Phone Apps for Android, iPhone and other modern devices.
  • Cross-platform development (e.g. deploying content and profiling users across multiple services, such as mobile phones, Facebook applications, Twitter, and custom websites)
  • Natural Language Processing: computer systems that (partially) understand human language.
  • Interactive drama: Alternate Reality Games (ARG) services
  • Web development: sophisticated modern web-sites.