Management Consultancy

Consultancy services based on scientific methods - giving answers you can trust.

Our innovative approach draws on advanced statistics, artificial intelligence and mathematics to improve decision making, increase efficiency, de-risk change and shape forward strategy.

We can advise on emerging technology and the potential benefits for your business. Our consultants are experienced developers, who can help you understand what is possible, what is valuable, and then develop any software components you need.

Our objective is to enhance clients' decision making processes - and hence long term profitability and effectiveness. We provide analysis, advice, tools and techniques that give structured and repeatable access to the many - and often conflicting - sources of operational data.

We aim to enable our clients, so we won't blind you with science or endless graphs. We'll work with you to develop mutual understanding and deliver results in the form that makes most sense to you. We can answer specific questions in stand-alone reports, or develop automated reporting systems to provide continuously updated insight.

Engaging with us

We offer an initial obligation-free consultation. It often pays to follow this with a small-scale pilot study to explore your needs, and assess the costs and benefits of the options available. The costs of the pilot study will be discounted from further work where it is required.

Our services are tailored to your requirements and budget. However we engage with you, we are committed to excellence, openness, flexibility and value for money.

Illustration: the pieces fall into place.

Example: Managing Policy Change

Problem: A renowned University wanted to introduce a score-card admissions system to improve consistency in its decision-making and advance social inclusion policy objectives.

Solution: Working closely with staff, we identified, collected and analysed key operational data. We then constructed a mathematical model of the existing decision process. This work provided the firm foundation for the critical work of exploring new policy options and assessing their likely impact.

Benefits: Winterwell "allowed us to explore the effects of potential policies and tune our ideas. Their help was invaluable in successfully executing a major policy change. The final result was a clearer, fairer and more accountable system."

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